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It is 8:50 Saturday Morning and I do not feel well.  After a busy week at work, I sensed that I had something coming on but didn't take the time to check it out.  Now, it is time.  I have to get some help so that I can attend the scheduled events that my grandkids are in during the weekend.  Rather than go to urgent care or ER for treatment, I called MyTelemedicine.  I scheduled the consultation through the app and within 5 minutes I received a call from the doctor.  He spent about 5 minutes asking questions and determined that I had a sinus infection and an ear infection.  He prescribed the medications and sent them to my pharmacy.  At 9:30 am, I received a message from my pharmacy that my script was ready for pick-up.  I picked up the prescription on the way out of town to attend the events.  By the early after, I started feeling better.  On Sunday I was feeling good.

Without my telemedicine program, I would have missed some or all of the events on Saturday.  I am a believer.

Charles J

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This is a "No Brainer".  I can cover the annual cost of the program by saving one trip to the Urgent Care or Emergency room.  This was one of the easiest business decisions that I have made.  It was easy to start and train our employees.  AND it covers the entire household with no consultation charge for non-emergency medical needs.

Tim P.


After suffering with a skin problem for several weeks, and not being able to get an appointment with a dermatologist for months, I called my Telehealth provider today.  Using the iPhone app, I was able to send pictures of my problem.  They gave me a diagnosis and called in an RX for me to use.  This was so convenient and it did not cost me anything for the consultation.  This is great.  I would recommend it for everyone.

Before this call, I was not aware that I could get help with this type of problem using telahealth.

Tim G

Springfield, MO

So thankful to get telemedicine again.  It was previously included in my company benefit program.  When I left the company, I was not able to get it.  Until, I found Life Benefits.  They were able to set me up on an individual plan with not problems.  I NEVER want to be with Telemedicine again.



With a family of 5 including 3 young boys (and 1 older one--my husband), i have had Life Benefits telemedicine program for over 4 years.  This program has saved me thousands of dollars in actual medical bills and this doesn't count the amount of time it has saved me by getting medical advise and treatment without having to wait in a medical office waiting room.

I would recommend this program to everyone.  I don't ever want to be without it.



After careful consideration, we elected to add Life Benefits Telemedicine program as a benefit for our daycare/preschool staff. Within a week, our staff had used the service 6 times.  Each time they used it, I was told "Thank You, this program saved me so much time and money.  Since the beginning of the program, our team members continue to use the program with great success and  are very appreciative  of how it saves them money and time.  I would recommend this program to any and all daycare and preschool programs as well as all other businesses that are not able to provide health insurance benefits for their employees."

Dave G

Lebanon, MO

Got up at 6.30 with a kid with eye shut closed with discharge all itchy and pink. Yep you guessed it! Pink eye! I called Teladoc for a consult.  The doctor called within 4 min. and confirmed my mother intuition, and sent antibiotic drops to my pharmacy. This all within a short time. No germ infested waiting room, and all this was done in pjs. Better yet, my baby gets treated almost right away. This is the season for colds, flu etc with kids back to school. I don't have time to take off work and I can't afford copays. This is awesome for my family and only about $10 a month for the household


K. W.

Memphis, TN

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