How much revenue do you lose when a member of your service team is sick or at the doctor?

$400.00, $600.00, $800.00 or more?

What are you doing or have you tried to help reduce this revenue loss?

Every day thousands of dollars of revenue is lost, never to made up, as a result of service personnel being absent because of personal and/or family sickness.

Most of the time, this is because of non-emergency related medical issues for themselves or their family members. 

Their primary care physician should be used if they are available in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, that means that they may have to miss work.  Of course, the options many will take when that doesn't work is  1) Not doing anything and staying home or going to work sick, 2)  Going to urgent care after work or 3) Going to the Emergency Room.


Getting healthcare on your own schedule is now available through the use of telehealth.  Almost 70% of the time telehealth can be used to gain treatment when any of the above are used.  This allows them to get the consultation on their time--before or after work or during lunch time or breaks.  These consultations can be scheduled for "as soon as possible" or "at a specific time". 

Life Benefits telehealth products cover the entire household and there is NO CONSULTATION CHARGE to talk to a doctor.

Most of our programs are under $10 per employee per month.  Some of these programs are well under this amount.

Telehealth works.  More than 14,000,000 people in the United States have it and more than 1,000,000 consultations have been conducted.

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