Our Story

We are about providing low cost/high-value solutions to some of the problems that businesses and individuals face today.


We started Life Benefits after seeing a desperate need for an affordable, easy to use and implement, a method to help with today's medical and lifestyle costs.  This need was not only recognized in our previous business relationships as owners and senior managers but have been shared countless times by our clients and customers over the past few years.


The cost of healthcare, both premiums and operating costs, medical access, and employee engagement (absenteeism, presenteeism, and morale) have been a problem for a while but are getting worse.  Another challenge is the culture change that is occurring in the workplace.  The best explanation that I have heard is this:  "in the past, employees adjusted their lifestyle to match that of their career;  today, employees want to match their career to that of their lifestyle".  That is a big change.


Insanity has been defined as "Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results." Quite frankly, the traditional benefit programs will not fix the problem, in many cases, it is the problem.

When we were first introduced to another option, a non-traditional-non-insurance approach, we were skeptical about the product and the solutions that they may provide. 


One of the big challenges in business today is everyone can identify the problem.  It is a solution that we need.


So we "connected the dots".  These non-traditional, non-insured products can be a solution to many of the challenges that we face.


Rather than tackle this solution as "add-on" products to insurance-based programs, we decided to specialize in these "Enhanced Benefits Solutions" as a stand-alone company.  We do not offer insurance products.  We want to fill the gaps that exist in current benefit programs.


To help support our programs, we developed a "Workplace Solutions Program", in an effort to promote the awareness of the benefit programs we offer.  In return, the employees are reminded of the benefit being offered which will assist in providing "goodwill" toward the employer.


It is our hope that you'll follow along with us as we demystify the confusion that exists in the benefits world, along with bloated prices, and weighed down companies and individuals for too long.

As an individual or employee, we also face many problems navigating the current healthcare culture. Rising co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles can create a family financial crisis.  Obtaining medical assistance in a timely manner is a major problem and will only get worse.  If you would like to know more about programs available to you, the individual, please go to Individual Programs.


Please leverage us to help you with our "Enhanced Benefits Solutions".