Manufacturers are facing a crisis.

Manufacturers in the United States are facing a crisis.


  • Rising Costs of Goods.

  • International Competition.

  • Increased Regulations and government intervention.

  • Higher taxes and fees.

  • Rising costs of labor and associated benefit costs.

  • Managing the newly implemented Affordable Care Act.

  • Maintaining a viable workforce with the increased participation of millenials in that workforce.


Business solutions sometimes require us to consider a vision outside of traditional thinking. Every company is challenged with rising costs, especially with Health Care.


Traditional insurance offers no real solutions other than using the reduction of benefits and increased penalties (in the form of co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles) when the benefit is used, and even then, the premium to the employer and employee may be increased.


The most significant obstacle to the WELLNESS of your workforce is the logic behind traditional insurance. “I have medical insurance, but I can’t afford to use it, or lose wages by being absent.” In today’s business culture of lean manufacturing, zero defects, shorter lead times, and global competition, it is even more critical for our employees to be healthy and on the job.